Old School Jr.




Massive Musical Cook-out Party! Come along and join Us! What would You like?

  1. Think Like Kierkegaard 3:21 (Reggae) Video
  2. Red Lions Heart 3:10 (Soul/up lifting pop) Video
  3. Hendrix Cover 3:59 (Hendrix? Nooo) Video
  4. Qué Pasa New York 3:27 (Acusteau pop) Video Remix by Antti Rasi
  5. Freedom 3:51 (Reggae/country) Video
  6. Can You Feel It 3:44 (Alt. pop of Transp.) Video
  7. Sons Of The Frank 3:48 (Pop in Joe´s garage) Video
  8. Lost In America 3:33 (Stadion rock) Video
  9. More Wasabi 3:25 (Instrumental twang/Modalic/Country…) Video
  10. Une Fille Comme Toi 3:38 (Disco) Video
  11. Une Fille Comme Toi (Bossanova) 3:40 (Bossanova) Video

Check all Videos from here: http://www.youtube.com/user/0ldschooljr/videos?sort=p&view=u