Disco Ball: Lucky 7


You can´t do this in Studio anymore! Original 90´s songs, production and Sounds! Pure Disco Ball!

Release date: 23.2.2024

1. Lonely Planet (03:22)
Luukkanen/Eronen/Spiridom Oy FIS9D2100007

2. Que Pasa New York (3:30)
Luukkanen, Setälä/Spiridom Oy FIS9D2200004

3. Atlético (4:10)
Luukkanen, Setälä/Eronen/Spiridom Oy FIS9D2100002

4. Bubblegum, feat. Susanna (2:56)
Luukkanen/Eronen/Spiridom FIS9D2100003

5. Just Want To Party, feat. Nisa Soray (4:06)
Luukkanen, Setälä/Spiridom Oy FIS9D2100004

6. Praise the DJ. (3:28)
Luukkanen/Eronen/Spiridom FIS9D2000006

7. Jee, jee (3:08)
Luukkanen/Spiridom FIS9D2100008

We love you!
Marija, Pertsa & Timo